Oxygen is like fuel for your brain. You can go days without food, but a few minutes without oxygen and your brain cannot survive.

If you’ve ever seen Limitless with Bradley Cooper, the premise of the movie is a smart pill called NZT. There are actual smart pills on the market called Provigil and Nuvigil. No I do not recommend taking these! I did a video about how Tim Ferriss tried to replicate this with some natural extracts. He was more focused for 18 hours, but ultimately found himself having to sleep 18 hours to recover every time he took them because he realized something was getting depleted in his brain. You can’t hack life without there being some form of consequences. With every pro comes a con. Watch to understand what I say here (oh man, don’t mind the piece of apple or almond in my teeth…wow, just noticed that..yuck):

However, you can build up your habits and you can do natural things that mother nature provided us. Alright, enough Jaret. How do you do it?

Well, the smart pills fall back on the idea of increasing the uptake of oxygen into the brain and activating dopamine receptors. So you are going to replicate this idea. When you breathe into your belly as opposed to chest you take in about 3x more oxygen. You should be taking deep breaths into your belly every time. Stop worrying about your gut sticking out! Hold it in there for several seconds before you release. The amount of oxygen you take in compounds and you will activate more dopamine receptors when you take in more oxygen. This is why airplanes give you oxygen when there’s G-d forbid an accident.

To jumpstart this process, start taking very fast breaths for about 20-30 seconds. Keep your mouth wide open and just pant like a dog. This is almost like hyperventilating, however, you just have one important rule. Take in more than you exhale. If you hyperventilate by breathing out more than you breathe in, you can pass out. You’ll notice you’ll feel much more awake after you do this. Whenever you are tired at the office or school take a moment to do this.

I had a very high performance client who used to take half an Advil in the morning and put it in a prescription box just to trick himself that he was taking a smart pill. He used to tell himself that a whole pill was too strong and that’s why he needed half. He used to also convince himself that his ancestry and lineage came from some of the smartest people to ever grace the planet. You might think that this is silly, but after you do this for 2 straight months, you start brainwashing yourself. I don’t recommend taking Ibuprofen everyday, but you get the point. A large part of getting awake, having more energy, and feeling smarter is just believing you are. Play tricks with your mind. Energy doesn’t really come from food. There have been days where you went a long time without eating and were wired and there were days when you ate a lot and felt exhausted. It comes from attaching more meaning to what you do. So actively do this!

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