The universe is based on laws. Just like physics will dictate the laws of gravity, there is energy out there we can’t see and a source of infinite knowledge. There is good and evil in this world, however. If you come from a state of progression, you will eventually cross a threshold where you become magnetic. You can replicate those mechanics by tapping into some secrets, however, you will ultimately act with bad intent if you don’t come from a place of progressing through life the way it was intended.

If you’re a truth seeker than you can relate to the Illuminati and the Free Masons. Some of the greatest minds were Grand Masters. The Illuminati was based on enlightenment and they formed underground societies that have been around for centuries. To put it simply, it’s a religion based on absolute truth and it has drawn some of the brightest minds. Free Masons built this country, wrote the Constitution, and own corporations to this day. Conspirators believe they are evil forces plotting a world order. Some might be, but that’s not how they started. They wanted to discover truth and they focused on absorbing the energy in the world through symbolism.

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