Here are some tips to help with digestion, especially if you have some stomach issues, candida, or a weak immune system. This will also help you lose more weight since it’s putting your body in an alkaline state. Your body will retain fat to protect your organs from the acidic environment.

Upon waking up, drink ice cold water. This will start the digestive process and help wake you up.

Then, have a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, which contains live enzymes, amino acids, LDL cholesterol lowering pectin, fat burning acetic acid, and anti-viral malic acid.

I usually wait 10 minutes for that to settle, and then I have a green vegetable smoothie. If you don’t have time to make a smoothie, just pick up some green vegetable powder at The Vitamin Shoppe or GNC. Just make sure it has some important greens in there with lots of digestive enzymes such as wheatgrass and kale.

Next, I’ll cook my breakfast which usually consists of eggs and oatmeal. With my meal, I will take a probiotic and I make sure not to have coffee until my stomach is lined with food. Enzymes and probiotics are so important because they help break down food for you as opposed to your body having to break down other foods.

If you suffer from acid reflux, take some Rolaids or Tums for a few days to get it under control while going on a dairy kick with yogurt several times a day. Your stomach should be fine after all this, but you should really make this morning routine a habit.

If you suffer from candida or yeast infections, cut back your carb intake, switch to complex carbs, and make sure not to eat them alone. Eating your carbs with protein and fats with slow down the digestion in your bloodstream.

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