People get very overwhelmed, coming from an expectation that they need a ton of information in order to succeed. I’m guilty of it as well. Sometimes we feel like we need a ton of things in their life in order to be happy, etc.

You know what the difference between a professional and an amateur is?

As a professional, you will have to do the same work over and over again. That could get boring. You have to reignite the fire to attach new meaning to what you do.

Let me tell you a story I heard from a buddy. He was talking to the piano player at a famous hotel in NYC called The Carlyle who has been there for years. They have a famous bar there where a lot of celebrities hang out. So, my buddy asked him how he plays with so much passion because he gets excited to play the same set of songs every time. The piano player said that he plays the song slightly different every time which juices him up every time, and he said how it makes him a better piano player.

The bottom line is there MUCH MORE meaning to the tiny things that you are completely missing. I write these posts as if millions of people were reading it, judging my intelligence based on it, and that this can totally revamp someone’s life. If I thought it had little meaning to change your life, I wouldn’t even write it. If the meaning doesn’t come to me right away, I force the meaning upon it by asking myself questions. I say “this is critical…why is this critical?…I need to know this info…why do people’s lives depend on it?” Then, oddly enough, my brain gives me an answer of exactly why. Once I get a deep answer as to why, it allows me to inject a sense of certainty in what I speak, what I write, and what I do.

When I read a book, I try to pick apart each sentence. When I come across a real golden nugget, which is usually at least one on every page, I sit on that thought for a while…sometimes days before I put in a lot of new information. It will get lost in the shuffle unless you deeply reflect on things. It’s more important to fully absorb a little than just stuff your brain. “Focus on the few, not the many” as the saying goes.

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