Lee put it best. He said, “It’s easy for me to do a fancy move. It’s a lot harder for me to honestly express myself.”

Life is about allowing what’s moving through you and inside you to take place. It’s a state of being.

Our fears, limiting beliefs, and false associations get in the way of that process.

You have to shed those parts of you to allow that process to take place and let the natural course run.

If you think about it. We all have certain gifts and talents. They are all different. Steve Jobs had a different brain wiring than someone working behind the counter at a local coffee shop. While we all have the same capacity to learn, we all have different start points, strengths, and weaknesses. It’s about allowing your strengths to shine by trimming the fat preventing it from occurring. Steve Jobs necessarily had to eliminate the distractions that were pulling him in a million directions. A creative mind with intense passion can run rampant on different ideas. I can assure you he had to go through a lot of growth to be who he wound up being.

What parts of you are preventing what your destiny has in store for you?

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