You don’t bring people up by chopping down the people who are doing well for themselves. If you create too much disincentive for the people who are doing well for themselves, you give the false illusion of leveling the playing field. It only is making the playing field level by making the sport worse. There is a natural bell curve in all things. There are going to be very talented people and there are going to be people on the other end, unfortunately. If you want everyone equal, then that’s a concept of socialism. There are countries who believe in that system. That’s not why our parents, grandparents and the generations above them came over to America. The American Dream is predicated on a system that requires hard work and knowledge without a guarantee. If you do want a guarantee, then a free market economy is not the system for that. However, if you want an opportunity to have an even greater life, then something is going to have to give. With that being said, of course there is going to be an unequal playing field. Some of that will be from circumstance and luck, and the majority will be from hard work and education. Take a look at many of the Asian Americans who come over here. I go by my eyes many of the time and growing up, I saw their parents stress education. Almost all of them have created great lives for themselves in just one generation of coming over here.

We don’t want to stifle people from doing well, we just want to help people who aren’t doing well to have a chance to do well if they don’t have opportunity to do so. You don’t do this by making the strong men weak.

As it relates to politics, you do this by creating systems that create more jobs which will in turn create something called trickle down wealth. The thing is that most of the jobs are coming from those people who are at the top. If it’s coming from government, then that’s really the idea of socialism. It has to come from the people and that ultimately means incentivizing people to continue to innovate and create.

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