It is so important to draw up the movie you see for yourself. The brain has a very difficult time distinguishing from perceived events and real events. However, the perceived events have to be close to real, like a dream. There’s a physiological response in a dream. In a nightmare, you sweat. You scream. If I say to you, “Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?”, I bet an image pops up. It’s probably very vague. Then, it slowly fades. Maybe you get like this one second glimpse of yourself on a boat like one of my clients when I asked him. However, the image is like black and white with a tiny bit of color. It’s very vague. I promise you this is a glimpse of what you are supposed to experience.

Then, I said “hold that image. What color is the water? Blue, black? Do you see white ripples in the waves? What color is the yacht? How long is it?” He replied after a little delay and said he saw a blue ocean and that it was a long 100 ft yacht with wooden floorboards. I then began to ask him who else was on the boat with him. Then, he saw people partying. He saw them drinking champagne. Lots of beautiful women. So do you see how we are creating the movie from a tiny still image? This is real folks. Try to make this as detailed and real as possible. Grow that tiny still frame into a real movie that’s minutes long and it’s going to be so real that you immerse yourself in actions that are aligned with the belief that you feel worthy that you are the person who you see yourself as.

Do this exercise, please. Draw up that tiny image that keeps replaying and recurring in your mind. Build the movie and write down everything! Visualize it in depth. You will get pulled like Arnold!

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