Jackie Mason used to tell this joke in his routines.

Larry: Do you remember how cheap real estate was back when we were growing up?
David: If only I bought a building back then. Could you imagine?
Larry: Why don’t you get one now?
David: You kidding? Now? Now’s too late.

His delivery is a lot funnier than I could ever tell it, but the message speaks volumes.

Hindsight is 20/20. We don’t have a crystal ball, but there will always be the same level of risk.

You’re afraid, plain and simple. Don’t fight it. Acknowledge it. Having fear is OK. Living there forever is not. If you want results, you have to dive in.

Your life will change when two conditions are met:

1) You make a real decision with a deep enough why where you force yourself to cut off all alternatives
2) You couple it with a good strategy

There are just as many, if not more, real estate opportunities than there were 20 years ago. Successful people don’t focus on making the perfect steps in life as much as they try to quickly clean up the steps they do take.

If you want anything in life, you need to start today.

If you want to lose weight, 6 months is going to roll around sooner than you know it, and if you haven’t started today, that classic regret is going to creep up on you: “Only if I started 6 months ago…”

There will never be a perfect moment. It’s on you to dive into the deep end.

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