Get a whiteboard, spend some time alone with yourself, and find out who you are! I believe Napoleon Hill really did tap into something where he channeled information from an infinite source of knowledge for his book Outwitting the Devil. I believe we all have the answers inside of us. You are supposed to look to others to raise your conscious awareness, but all we do during that process is unlock something we already know. We usually need others with a heightened conscious awareness to just articulate it for us to have that aha moment. You notice how you pay attention to certain phrases from some people over others? It’s based on the level where you are at in life right now and we can unlock only one level at a time. You can go back to old videos of mine and as you grow through life, different phrases will have a different meaning to you. You tuned them out before and now they click at a different level. This is deep so I might lose you a little here.

If you think of a computer program or a video game, all the information is already implanted in there. You just need to progress through the game to unlock each level. It’s all coded in there. As you progress, you unlock the blueprint.

If you get to know yourself on a very deep level by spending a lot of time alone where you talk to yourself, I promise you will tap into this infinite knowledge source. As cooky as this sounds, many people such as Jordan Belfort say that Napoleon Hill’s stuff took them to another level mentally.

Eric Thomas says something along these lines: “I dare you to spend time alone”. “I can’t experience that much pain because I spent a lot of time alone when I was homeless”.

I understand what he is saying when he says that. Most people do not. I am at that level of life where that resonates with me, because throughout many times of my life I’ve been a recluse. I’ve done college experiences. I’ve lived with many friends before. I’ve partied and been surrounded by people 24/7. However, I’ve also spent months and years at a time alone with very little social interaction. During that time I interacted with myself in silence. No TV, no books, no music, no relationship. Just asking myself questions all day long for months. It’s time for you to as well because I promise you will never be as resourceful as when you shut off the world and you find happiness there; without needing stimulation from other people.

If you’re afraid to be alone, it’s time to face this fear. You need to be a social butterfly with people and you need to be 100% happy being alone with nothing going on and no one to talk to. Stop thinking you are an introvert or extrovert. You have to be both.

I promise you I channel things when I do many of my videos. You won’t believe how many times I talk to myself and ask myself deep questions and force myself to answer them. It requires brainpower but you start channeling information. It’s crazy to talk to yourself, right? I’d suggest it’s crazy not to. Most successful people are very comfortable spending time alone. I know what they’re doing during that time. Time for you to as well.

I was channeling something when I did this video:

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