How many take action with the information I put out?

Watch this video I did here:

Yesterday, I heard Dan Pena talk about how only 5 people out of thousands since 1993 have taken action with his idea. So I literally dragged my butt to an expensive car dealership.

I sat in this car here today but in black:

I smelled the leather, I felt the leather, I touched the leather!! I put my hands on the steering wheel. I touched the dash. I visualized owning one. It’s an entirely different experience than thinking about what it would be like to own a Bentley.

This is quite an upgrade from my Mercedes E350 Coupe.

They handed me their promo book. They took down my name, number, email address, and they are going to call me when they get inventory in as soon as my current lease is up which I told them was a few months away.

TAKE ACTION. When you hear something profound, don’t rationalize that because you think about what’s being said it will have the same effect. It’s not the same. If I tell you to do something that you think will work, do it! Show up with your body. Half the battle is showing up. The other half is being fully engaged when you do. I did a piece on Derek Jeter and Cal Ripken and how important showing up is. Jeter led the Yankees in all-time hits. He also led them in games played and at-bats. He always showed up! You see the correlation?

Go to a car dealership that has a car you want that you don’t think you can afford. Push outside your comfort zone. You will feel a little anxiety. You will feel like you don’t belong. Keep pushing. You are breaking down the walls that you don’t feel like you deserve it. You have to feel worthy of it before you will achieve it.

But here’s the thing. Do not go in thinking this is a waste of time. Do not go in just to say you went and did it. Your mind needs to be there. Break down the walls of feeling worthy of owning the car and have a purpose of actually having a goal to own it.

You’re going to make a mental transition from trying to silently sell the dealer on why you should be there to understand that he’s trying to sell you. You’re in the position of power, not the other way around. The world is your oyster.

I would love it if you share with the community which car dealership you went to by posting in the comment below.

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