1. Be able to change your state in an instant. Focus on an image that makes you smile, laugh, get focused, etc. There’s one trigger for each that you should refer to.

2. Visualize who you are. Create an image of yourself. You said you view yourself small. Visualize an image of who you want to be in the lower right corner. And quickly merge the small picture into the big picture until it overtakes the big image. You should feel something in your brain physically change when you do this correctly. I feel tense throughout my whole body and it’s almost like I’m tapping into a different frequency. Hard to explain. Keep building upon it with tiny thoughts/ideas of who you want to be. The idea is to keep building on this image by changing every tiny thing you want to change in your life by focusing on who you are now and what that person looks like. You’ll notice how your behaviors and demeanor changes instantly.

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