Ever since the pressure came off of me to make videos every day, it seems like I’m able to pump out a couple a day with some pretty good content. When you ease up and not try so hard, things just come to you more naturally. When you try to force the square peg in the round hole that’s when life is very burdensome.

George Mumford, an adviser to top athletes and coaches including Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, and Phil Jackson, teaches this concept. He told Kobe a little before he scored his 81 point game that the best way to score is to try not to. When you try scoring buckets, you are playing an unnatural game. The opportunities to score come in the game and when you enter a zone. You get more open shots when the ball gets moved around more. Therefore, you have to try to pass not score. When I stopped having to think of a concept for today’s video, I just used something that happened in my ordinary day as content.

Stop trying so hard to be rich.

“George helped me understand the art of mindfulness. To be neither distracted or focused, rigid or flexible, passive or aggressive. I learned just to be.” — Kobe Bryant, 5-time NBA champion, Los Angeles Lakers

Just be.

Summer is different than winter. Summer 2015 will be different than last year’s or next year’s. Yet we try to hold onto an old version of ourselves. There are months where I can go 15 hour days in the office on 4 hours of sleep. Then, for a month there is major resistance where it’s an absolute grind to put in 8 hours on 8 hours of sleep. Why am I going to fight it? I fought it many times and it didn’t do me any good. There is probably a reason why that’s happening within me. When I feel like I should be killing it at work, it’s time to do just that. When there’s resistance…hey, take a break Jaret and go do something else. Take a vacation. Chill by the beach. Sit at Starbucks and stare into space for a few hours. Listen to your body and what energy or lack of energy is moving through you instead of trying to identify yourself as just ‘this person’.

I’m reading this book the 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss. I’m sure you’ve heard of it before. It’s a brilliant concept in the fact that we’ve been pigeon-holed to work a 9-5 job. Does a lot of work get done in a corporate structure like that? Absolutely. However, you also waste more time than you can imagine. If you have weeks to complete a deadline, it won’t come out that much better than if you were given 24 hours.

Now I’m not suggesting for you to work a 4 hour workweek, however, what I am suggesting is for you to be more mindful of what you can eliminate in your life. Where can you trim the fat? Bruce Lee put it best when he said that life is not about accumulating, it’s about eliminating. Think of a child. It’s innocent and hasn’t been burdened with the world’s problems and evil. All of the bad habits and false associations you’ve made, you have to unlearn those so you can just be.

I want you to focus on results. If you can get better results working 1 hour per day as opposed to 8, then what are you doing? I’d sign up for that in a second. What confines us is a level of comfort. We are used to doing the same old, same old, every day. This is a form of laziness that prevents us from using our mind to detach from what we are currently doing to get better results. You have to use some brainpower to find out where you are ineffective in your routine.

You must analyze your life and understand that 80% of the results are coming from 20% of your time and your effort. So 80% of what you are slaving away doing is not contributing to your happiness. Don’t be a slave to habit. Focus on being.

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