Get mentors around you who teach you how to fish! Progress is a need like water. If I were to define happiness, it’s progress, and you can only make consistent progress by having objective feedback to see things as they actually are. With that being said, you still want someone in your life who is able to be a catalyst and who .

Sometimes our egos get the best of us though and we think we are the ones who did everything. Take a look at Tiger Woods. His best stretch came with the two coaches: Hank Haney and Butch Harmon.

Here is a by-the-numbers look at Woods’ swing coaches over his pro career:

BUTCH HARMON (1996-2003)

Major wins: 8 majors won in 24 starts

Majors missed: 0

PGA Tour wins: 34 titles in 127 official starts from turning pro through 2002 (26.8 percent win percentage)

HANK HANEY (2004-2010)

Major wins: 6 majors won in 23 starts

Majors missed: 2 (2008 British Open, 2008 PGA)

PGA Tour wins: 31 titles in 93 starts (33.3 percent)

SEAN FOLEY (2010-2014)

Major wins: 0 in 13 starts, dating to 2010 PGA

Majors missed: 4 (2011 U.S. Open, 2011 British Open, 2014 Masters, 2014 U.S. Open)

PGA Tour wins: 8 titles in 55 starts (14.5 percent)

Information provided by the Golf Channel Editorial Research Unit

When reporters asked Hank Haney if he would coach Tiger again, he said “it’s time for someone else to get second guessed”.

Sometimes we think we outperform the coach or our parents. Then, when the coach isn’t in our life to help us see things as they are, then we go off the rails. Cus D’Amato was Mike Tyson’s rock in a way. A good coach will help you when he’s not even there by planting roots so deep that you know exactly what to do.

If your coach was a catalyst for you to make more money and the coach costs a fraction of that new wealth you obtained because of the new distinctions you now have, then wouldn’t it make sense that the gap would continue to grow? It’s not a drain on your finances, it’s an investment that has HUGE dividends in both the short term and the long term.

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