Can you force creativity?

I heard Tim Ferris and Neil Strauss have a podcast interview together where they basically said there is no such thing as writer’s block. Neil Strauss was basically saying that if you are an editor and you have a deadline, you’ve got to turn something in. Neil Strauss will have apps on his computer such as Freedom to lock out his computer outside of a Word document so he can work on his books.

I used to have that kind of mentality – to just push forward regardless of distractions. However, as I’ve grown wiser I realized that we can’t hold onto old versions of ourselves like I explained before.

I promise you that you will have down periods. Here’s a video someone put together using my voice along with Eric Thomas.

When I did that speech, I was going through a funk. I know that they exist. I do techniques to try to get out of it, such as vigorous breathing, incantations, and intense exercise. Sometimes even that doesn’t work. You are going to be tested in life and like I said, “The more brilliant you are, the more you will be tested.”

“Problems come in waves, but so do solutions.” as Tony Robbins says. The only way Tony Robbins can say a quote like that is by understanding that problems are a part of life. Your creativity will be stifled. It’s part of your evolution. Sometimes when you hit a roadblock, you have to step back so you can go around the roadblock.

I say this over and over again: G-d’s time or the universe’s time is not your time.

If you’re feeling resistance towards something, I’m asking you to explore why that is. Is there an internal conflict that’s sabotaging your success? Is there a different calling in the meantime that you are supposed to do?

Sometimes I experience awful lower back pain. I usually try to fight it off and get out of it so I can rush back to the gym to lift weights. However, when I really opened my eyes, I realized that perhaps it was trying to get me out of my routine and help me explore avenues like yoga, massage treatment, nutritional cleansing, and spiritual healing. During that process, I opened up a new softer, feminine side to me. What we think is pain is really a gift if we see it. You might say that’s weird. I’d tell you it’s just more choice. If I can act aggressive and soft, aren’t I better off than someone who just has one tool in their arsenal? I’m more relatable.

I was having a conversation with a high school kid at the pool this weekend. He was a little girl crazy and said it was difficult managing multiple girls. While I dropped little tidbits that he’d find more happiness finding someone he wants to grow with (I’m not going to change a stranger’s model of the world in one casual conversation), but I left him with the statement: “Every pro has a con”.

So I’m telling you every con has a pro as well. Just open your eyes to see it.

Creativity comes from a quiet mind, so I’d say your best work won’t come from forcing it. Perhaps you will find the real golden nugget you need if you step out of your normal routine and do something you wouldn’t normally do because of this block.

If you have a deadline, that’s tough luck, but take it easy and bring in some meditation and silence to let it come more naturally rather than worrying about it.

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