We cannot just resort to being anti-establishment without there being a better alternative. I’m sorry, but if Wal-Mart goes out of business that’s doing significantly more harm than good. Now with large corporations, I understand that there is such thing as power and mainstay. However, they also built their company up when their competitors like K-Mart who dwarfed them at one point are where now? If you are around for decades, you’re going to get privileges such as mainstay power. There’s 3 sides to every story. There’s the Wal-Mart employee who is complaining about the low benefits. There’s also the Wal-Mart owners, shareholders, etc. who will describe to you how tough it was to climb to where they are and how hard it is to stay on top; and they will show proof and defend all the good they do. Somewhere in the middle lies the truth.

If they ran such a poor business model, then it should be pretty easy for someone to come in and create something better which would naturally pull many of those employees away and ultimately make Wal-Mart raise its’ wages to keep quality employees. They are doing nothing illegal. If you raise minimum wage, you invite technological automation and millions go unemployed. I believe the problem lies more in a lack of creativity from this generation to knock the big corporations off their perch as my mother eloquently put. If you have a better business model, the market will almost always dictate that. My college Business 101 class made it mandatory to create a business plan and start an active business. High schools should adopt something similar. Education is a significantly deeper problem than corporations. There’s nothing more resourceful than learning to create a product or service that people need.

It is no doubt that the very wealthy and large corporations receive breaks. I didn’t go into that here. They are shielded by many laws and find loopholes due to political ties. Those are the top .1% of society (not 1%, but 1/10 of 1%). Those low wage earners are still earning money to eat and wouldn’t necessarily be so resourceful to start their own Walmart. Why are they working there? Can they work elsewhere? Can they start their own business? Why not? If you have a better business model, start it up and the marketplace will determine much of how good it is. I wouldn’t be so quick to just blame Walmart and corporations. How would you like 2.2 more million unemployed? Walmart receives a lot of money in tax breaks…they also produce more in sales than most countries’ GDP, so it’s clearly relative.

I would suggest that with the corporations and extreme wealthy (billionaires), it is more of a political and legal issue rather than a financial one. There will always be loopholes if you are creative enough, and they will continue to fund those in political power to keep those loopholes alive and well. Who really gets screwed in the way this system is set up is the upper echelon of society, who work very hard for their money but are just outside of that elitist top .1% crowd and outside of the loopholes. However, it does not empower you to look at the negatives. Just be as resourceful as possible and try to be on the other side of that top .1% knowing this information.

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