You’ve heard me throw around phrases such as renaissance man/woman and devoting yourself to an ideal. Has the world really seen a complete human being? Some would say some biblical figures have, but we’ve really yet to see one in our modern day.

I think this is a pretty good basis list of credentials that I believe make up a somewhat complete list:

1) No porn
2) No masturbation
3) No drugs or smoking
4) No alcohol outside of a glass of wine with dinner
5) No coffee, caffeine, or stimulants
6) No premarital sex
7) Puts in 70+ hours per week on work/working on yourself
8) Puts family first
9) Gives back to the community financially and through teachings
10) Doesn’t yell or get angry with someone when communicating
11) Doesn’t gossip about someone else (doesn’t speak negatively about anyone else to someone even if they do a poor activity)
12) Doesn’t lie or speak falsities (carefully weighs his/her words with research and/or stating a belief)
13) No adultery. Doesn’t even have thoughts about having sex with someone other than their significant other
14) Doesn’t curse and doesn’t use physical violence to communicate
15) Doesn’t wrong someone else (illegal or otherwise) including murder, theft, fraud, etc. where you take away someone’s property or basic rights
16) Takes care of the physical body with exercise and proper nutrition
17) Innovative impacts on the world
18) Advances in learning mathematics, science, arts, music, cuisine, religion, spirituality, etc.
19) Remains humble. Recognizes that all people speak some truth, and that there is still room to grow and progress.
20) Acts in accordance with good intentioned means. If the means are wrong, then it doesn’t matter what the end is.
21) Treats everyone with 100% respect as a soul, but recognizes behaviors done out of carnal desires. Separates the intent from the behavior to teach a positive lesson to correct that behavior. Listens more than he/she speaks and treats everyone as his/her superior. Remove hatred in the heart and evil thoughts.

This isn’t for the weak. You might say impossible, but is it? I cannot say I have anything close to this, but I strive towards this every day. I believe there is a model way to act. If we believe we can never act perfect or learn more information to find truth, then we wouldn’t have made the discoveries and innovations we have. We have to believe there’s significant progress we can make by finding answers and acting better. You have to believe there’s something to work towards. I believe that idea is this: if your action was replicated by everyone, would the world be better or worse…You must do the activity that would make it better!

You might rationalize to tell a white lie for instance, out of fear of harming someone. However, that action is still wrong. There is a way in which you can get the result you want through the proper means. It comes from a better way of communicating the truth.

There is a proper way to act.

This is a Renaissance Revelation.

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