Today is my earned day. Had some dark chocolate and a banana in the morning. If you want to lose weight, don’t have bananas other than your earned days. For some reason, they always prevent me from looking my leanest. I wanted to up my potassium levels and carb up so that’s why I had it.

Did some cardio today. Legs are a little sore so I wanted to run. I’m not doing any sprints but I want to flush the lactic acid out of them. They are very tight. I always find a good run along with foam rolling helps them. My back was troubling me so I knew I couldn’t do legs today. You msut listen to your body. A lot of the time a tight lower back is because of tightness in the legs. One area of your legs are probably stronger than another part. For me, I am suffering from a hamstring injury still so it’s putting extra strain on my quads to carry the load.

Did four 400m hard runs. Felt my hamstring bother me a little, but I didn’t go super hard. I pulled back even though I wanted to go faster in fear of hurting it again.

I was on a track that had some workout stations.
I did 25 pushups, then ran 100m, then did 5 muscle ups. Ran 100m, did 20 dips. Ran 100m, Did pull ups with my legs in the air then ran 100m, back to pushups. And I repeated this twice. I was exhausted. I felt like I was going to throw up at one point on the dips. The workout was only about 25 minutes but it really was intense.

After that, I had a bagel with scallion cream cheese and lox. Surprising enough, there’s this place in Miami called Toasted that’s like a New York bagel shop. When I moved down here I went in with the expectation I was foregoing pizza and bagels. This one is surprisingly great.

Later on int he day I’ll continue to eat carb heavy with pasta, bread, juices, and dairy. I don’t eat dairy during the week except for my cheat days so I can get good bacteria in with the cultures and natural probiotics in it. I do not think probiotics in the pill form work. I believe the food itself has enzymes in it that work in conjunction with the stuff we want for our bodies to be able to utilize it. For instance, your body really cannot digest egg whites without some yolk! They’ve done studies on this putting people and animals on egg white only diets and they were wasting away.

You must introduce carb cycling in your lifestyle. This is important to trick your body into thinking it is out of a low-carb diet and that it can ramp up its’ metabolism again. Otherwise your body will just adapt. I try to eat low carb to stay lean and my energy suffers greatly. I often think I’m going to put on some extra fat if I have “bad” carbs too often. This is a huge mistake I continue to make. I actually force myself to have an extra carb day and then look back and say “you idiot, you should have done this sooner”. I look better and my energy levels restore.

I think I’m going to stop posting my training log since you have a pretty good grasp of all the workouts I do. You have plenty to work with here to construct your workouts similar. I will give you more tips in terms of training and nutrition. I will focus on other topics now.

Here is the training split:
(Repeat the cycle)

I try to do cardio and abs twice a week as well.
I do not schedule an off day. life has enough of those. This way I don’t miss days in a row and I don’t feel guilty if I have to take off. I’m not going to limit myself to take off when I feel great and to train when I have other obligations or I’m just absolutely exhausted. I try to listen to my body.

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