Lots of golden nuggets in this one. This is the very big take-away I want you to pay attention to. Jay-Z doesn’t look his normal self. He looks a little uncomfortable in an inferior way. Perhaps you can agree with me. I don’t think it’s because it’s a rapper in the same room with two suits. He’s been around those people plenty. However, I believe this is because he’s next to a legendary billionaire. Jay-Z is a very wealthy man, but it’s a fraction of what Buffett is worth and you can sense he feels that. We are all scared of the next level, so it’s assessing where we are currently at to break down the barriers of those above us. Here’s the kicker though…this is something very profound. The world is our mirror and I believe that if you hold yourself at higher value from those who make less money than you simply on that fact, then you subtly plant the seed that you will feel judged in the same way by those above you. We all do this in some way.

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