My friend and I were having a deep conversation about G-d. We were analyzing one of the Old Testament stories where G-d demands Abraham to kill his son Isaac. Just before he’s about to strike him, G-d basically says thank you for proving your faith to me but do not kill him. G-d was testing his obedience.

My friend couldn’t understand why G-d, who is of infinite intelligence and wisdom, would make a feeble minded human being kill his son.

I said regardless if it’s to be taken literally or not, it’s a profound metaphor that represents the idea that you should always believe that there is a higher purpose in all things regardless of how difficult the task is.

So then my friend brought up the analogy, “well what if G-d told me to rape my daughter? Do you think I should go ahead and do this heinous act because G-d told me to? I’m at a lose-lose. If I go through with it I show my obedience to him, but I commit this awful crime. If I don’t go through with it, I disobey G-d. He’s setting me up for failure.”

I said, “first off, it’s most likely a metaphor. Second, the text was probably misinterpreted. You have to understand these stories are 6,000 years old and have been translated through different languages. You ever play the game Telephone in class? What happens?”

G-d perhaps didn’t ask him to kill his son but it was stretched into something more powerful to make it a more memorable story.

However, I went on and said, “Let’s say he did ask him to. Try to open your mind. All you are seeing is the negative. Let’s look at the positive and perhaps it’s a win-win.

Perhaps all he would judge is the intent inside of your heart knowing he wouldn’t let you go through with it! Perhaps all he wants to see is you saying back ‘I DO NOT want to go through with this, but I believe in you and there better be a higher purpose for all of this’ or perhaps he’s testing you to say back ‘I will NOT do this. If you are here to teach me a lesson, find another way, but I disagree with you here.’

G-d will test us in life and maybe he’s just testing the intent in your heart. You must believe that you are here to do good and there’s a higher purpose in it all. If you do not agree with these tests, perhaps you should just communicate and ask him to show you a better way to learn the lesson he’s trying to teach you.

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