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Martial arts are codified systems and traditions of combat practices, which are practiced for a number of reasons: as self-defense, military and law enforcement applications, mental and spiritual development, and cultural heritage.

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Work with JARBLY on your next exit and/or venture.

Jaret focuses on helping individuals take their business to the next level and ultimately position for an acquisition. Jaret would love to hear about you and your story and what you are looking to achieve.

With 30 million YouTube views, Jaret was well known with his videos and audios to help individuals lead a more vibrant life. As an innovator at heart and small business owner, Jaret's business focuses on disruptive ventures and helping individuals exit their business. Jaret can't wait to work with you and your business with full immersive consulting.

About Jaret

Jaret Grossman is the Founder of JARBLY, a boutique acquisition firm focusing on the representation sellers and buyers, and its own disruptive ventures. Jaret received his finance degree from Bryant University and law school degree from New York Law School. He was a 3x All-American Wrestler in undergrad, and started his business roots by forming the popular workout program MP45 that transformed over 35,000 people with his business partner Richard Allen under the prominent fitness brand Muscle Prodigy (2.3 million Facebook/IG followers). Jaret’s media conglomerate JARBLY has built countless websites and apps for dozens of companies such as,,,,, Stock Champs, and has started up many home grown ventures. The JARBLY team consists of a collective of passionate and creative individuals who understand deals, the web, unique design, and marketing.

Jaret's Areas of Focus

Career Empowerment
Developing Business & Sales Skills
Achieving Optimal Health & Maximizing Energy
Mastering Your Emotions
Building an Amazing Family
Spiritual Connection
Gaining Mental Wisdom
Leaving a Legacy

List of Jarbly's Services

Teasers & Listings
Drafting Prospectuses
Confidential Information Memorandum
Letters of Intent
Business Acquisition Representation
Closing and Title
Disruptive Ventures
Software Builds
Real Estate

Contact Us

Boca Raton, FL
Telephone: (516) 864-9349

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Are you a realtor? Ever wanted to join a boutique brokerage with frequent 1 on 1 mentorship, connections, and a very personal experience.

Joshua Blank the founder of Trend came from big box corporate brokerages to form his own boutique brokerage called Trend Realty. Shortly after he created the brokerage, I joined immediately. I saw the writing on the wall. A better way to advertise and market as a brokerage for realtors as opposed to the burden all on the realtors themselves.
He saw the dinosaur thinking they deployed and how real estate was changing.
As Wayne Gretzky says, skate to where the puck is going, not where it is currently.
Long over are the days where someone calls a realtor to use that realtor. Real estate has changed because everyone has the apps on their phone and the market including the properties you have access to on MLS are also at their fingertips. They want to see a property they found. You have to be the realtor who gets in front of them when they’re ready to make a purchase. We have systems that deploy where the puck is going.
With Trend you get the following:
  • Access to High-Quality Leads that Get Texted to Our Agents
  • Proprietary Tech
  • Centrally Located Offices
  • Weekly Training
  • Full-Service MENTORSHIP with years of experience - assistance with showings, exclusive access to high profile professional networks
  • Weekly Zoom Calls focused on training, learning from experts
  • Survival Guide and Business Plan - A proven path to success
  • Social Media Expert on Staff
  • Transaction Desk File Review & Management
  • Assistance with Administrative and Paperwork
  • Agent Transaction Training - Videos, Facebook Group, etc.
  • Brokerage has Q&A videos and helpful toolbox kits to help agents.
  • Agent MLS Training - Videos, Facebook Group, etc.
  • Access to High Quality Title, Mortgage Services
  • Trend Facebook Group for Networking, Videos, and Questions
  • Trend pays their agents at closing, with their CDA program
  • E & O insurance on transactions
  • Zero Monthly Fees to Agents
  • Favorable Splits to Agents
  • Creative Structuring on Deals
  • Introductions to High Quality Mortgage Companies and Lenders to Get Deals Done that Other Brokers Wouldn't Be Able to Do
  • Motivation Including Weekly Progress
  • Business Cards, Marketing Materials, Promotional Assistance etc.
  • Off Market Deals and Commercial Opportunities
  • Seller and Buyer Leads of Businesses and Commercial Opportunities
  • Direct Access to Us for Qs and As to Help You on Deals and Scenarios
  • Training on Marketing, Systems, MLS Search

Looking forward to hopefully having you on the team and amplifying your real estate career.


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